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Our Web offerings include products and tools for the Web to assist Webmasters and site owners in maintaining quality Web sites.  Two significant problems sites face are "linkrot" (as formerly good links become bad) and excessive "downtime" of a site.  The first problem can be controlled by regularly testing that all links work as expected using CyberSpyder Link Test or by using our Link Check Service and the second by running AreYouThere? to be instantly notified if your site goes down.  Some problems are hard to figure out and, very often, WebBug (free) can be a great help in solving the difficulty.

We are now developing Apps for Android™ devices.  Check out our offerings that recreate a some vintage games as well as an early Chatbot.   


Apps for Android™ Devices

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Our Apps for Android devices represent a new direction and we will be continually expanding this product line.  Check back often to see what is new here.

CyberSpyder Link Test Ver. 3.5.2

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Cyberspyder Link Test is a powerful link checker and site management tool.  It assists Webmasters in ensuring that all links on a site are functional and provides tools to create site maps, to analyze page sizes and to determine what content is old and what is new.  Our clients have successfully used CyberSpyder Link Test on e-commerce sites, online casino uk sites, high-traffic blogs with 100s of posts, and article directories.  It is a multi-threaded program and works well for sites of all sizes.

AreYouThere? Ver. 1.2.3

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AreYouThere? is a program that can be used to monitor your Web site to make sure it is up and running. It can also be used to check for active Telnet connections (good for watching for MUDs to come back on line) and to check for new email. This program will record information so that reports on overall site availability can be produced.

WebBug Ver. 5.3.5Free

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WebBug is a free program lets you enter a URL, then shows exactly what is sent to the Web server and, when the response is received, exactly what the Web Server sends back. As one happy developer commented, "this is a tool that should be in every developer's troubleshooting toolbox".
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