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CyberSpyder Link Test is a Web site management program to be used for verifying that the URLs on a site are not broken and for analyzing site content.

It is designed to be used on sites of all sizes; from the very small personal or business Web site with only a few pages, to the very large corporate site with thousands of links.  The program includes features found in more expensive programs, but at a price affordable by the owner of a small personal site. This version is multi-threaded, meaning that it is considerably faster than previous versions.

Nothing is more frustrating for a Web surfer than to click on a link only to find that it is broken.  CyberSpyder will find any links on a site that are broken so they can be fixed before users encounter them.  Our clients have successfully used CyberSpyder Link Test on e-commerce sites, gaming sites, high-traffic blogs with 100s of posts, entertainment sites, and article directories.  The program can also be used to find redirected URLs so they can be changed (redirects slow down the apparent site response from the surfer's point of view), as well as significant errors in HTML tags (missing or misplaced) as well as reports on the site file structure, site maps,  page size analysis and other analysis reports.

The program is distributed as shareware, and may be used free for up to 45 days for evaluation purposes. (Registration is $45.00US.  See the Registration page for details.)

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