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Free! WebBug Free!

WebBug lets you enter a URL, then displays exactly what it sends to the Web Server and, when the response is received, exactly what the Web Server sends back.

This is a `fun` program if you`re curious about the HTTP protocol, and is a useful `debugging` tool if you are trying to resolve a problem. This was originally developed to assist in debugging problems with CyberSpyder Link Test, and I am making it available as others may find it useful.  Clients in the e-commerce and online casino sectors have found this tool to be invaluable.  As you know, little errors can make a big difference in the success of your site.

It will handle the HTTP/1.1 version of the Web protocol in addition to the older HTTP/1.0 and HTTP 0.9, as well as `conditional` GETs.

It can be configured to be used with a proxy server. It also allows for the entry of custom headers so that users can test anything they like. A Help file, set up to work all versions of Windows, including Vista, is included.

The install has been updated to use a more up to date version of Install Shield and should run properly, even on 64 bit computers. This version fixes a display problem where the screen would not show properly if larger than normal fonts were being used on the system.  This setup can be used to upgrade Version 5.3.3 just by running the setup, but any earlier versions of WebBug should be removed before installing this version.

Note to authors and publishers: I occasionally get requests to include WebBug on a CD to be distributed with a book or magazine. This may be freely done, as long as you let me know that you are doing it. Although it is not necessary, a complimentary copy of the CD and publication where the program is included would also be appreciated.

Download setupWebBug.exe (4,425,145 bytes)

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